It seems to me that the Judgement of God is not more than or less then our lived life in truth. The mystery of life is the mystery of truth. Our integral person is one piece-the living man. At death eternity remains and we in life are integrated with eternity. "Behold, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil."

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In Spanish there is a telling. "A connoisseur (wise man) with signs and a donkey with sticks".

I follow that advice always in my relations. Usually, when I find a person wearing a mask, ALONE, I begin a conversation about any topic, while managing to talk to him/her with courtesy at certain point about all the lies around the "pandemic" and the "vaccines" and the other crimes commited by the establishment, and usually the person's response is positive.

When the response is negative, some time before I used to say (smiling) something like: "Unfortunately, I can't force you to change your mind" and just leave it like that.

Now, I begin to list a number of facts and to make fun of or criticize the "authorities" that person believes in and, if he/she insists in his or her stubborness and begins to get angry and to call me names, I blame the person of being an useful idiot.

And when a relative or a friend of mine that is already aware of my position about all this lunacy begins to "warn" me about the "new variant" or to talk about something else along the covidian narrative, I express my impatience inmediatly.

But I always begin being courteous, that is, treating them all as if they were "wise". It depends on their response if I bring out my stick or not.


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Very insightful

Truth is in short supply today. I felt the weight of lies even in the masks. That they would protect you - a lie. That they would protect others -a lie. That they were necessary for a society - a lie. Vaccines the same. All to support the biggest lie, that dying is the worst thing that can happen to you. Not that dying in mortal sin is the worst thing that can happen. The world is run by liars and lying is a way of life for most people.

But the truth really matters. Excellent article.

God bless the amazing Fr Mawdsley

God bless you too

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My Methodist church won’t let me say anything on the Facebook page about the dangerous bio weapon but they keep asking for prayers for their injuries.

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Speaking of totalitarians this page lists many outfits which collectively intend to control every aspect of US culture when they gain the political power to do so - all in the name of freedom


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Please clarify your concluding quote , it reads as though true questions are a negative but your whole article says the opposite ?

Blessings and appreciate for your work.

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